Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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1971 Buick GSX

Buick GSX cars from 1971 are very rare with only 124 units made. To get a GSX in 1971 you had to make a Special Car Order and few customers know about that. Those that did know got a very powerful car if they made the right choises becuase the GSX package was now available to any Skylark GS.

This car was ordered by the GM sales manager in Stockholm as a promotioncar with all options available and then some. This is the only known GSX with vinlyroof. Because of government regulations it was also delivered without the rearspoiler and had the stripe continue over the trunk instead. Today the correct spoiler is back as it should be.

One of the rarest musclecars from 1971 in very nice untouched, except a repaint, condition.

1970 Buick GSX

The GSX from Buick is one of the true musclecars made only in a short period in spring of 1970. It was basically a Skylark with a unique performance package. For the 1970 model you could only get it in white or yellow paint. Total numbers produced was 678 units and 491 of them was yellow.

The GSX was a performer and could outrun most of the cars at the time, including Hemipowered Mopars, at the strip thanks to the mighty torque of the stout Stage 1 455 engine.

This car is just out from a restoration from a wreck that had run in to a wall. A very nice and unique car.

1969 Buick GS

Buick Skylark was sold in a luxury high perfomance model called Gran Sport, in short Buick GS. The '69 model didn't see many exterior changes but under the hode some serious stuff was changed. First of all there was the cold air scoops that directed air straight in to the aircleaner form airducts in the hood.

The 400 cu in engine could also be ordered in high performance packages, Stage I with a lot more power than the standard 400 engine.

This car is the standard GS 400. It was restored in the mid 90's and is still in showroom condition. Mostly stored but occasionallyy driven. A very beautiful car.