Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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1970 Plymouth GTX

The Plymouth GTX was the prestigious model of the basic Belvedere with a lot of power and handling. Engine choice was easy, either a 440 or a Hemi. The GTX also had a lot of other options included with stylish interior and body trim. One of the cooler options is the Air Grabber scoop.

This car has the 440+6 with three two-barrel carburators and is restored to full showroom standards.

1971 Plymouth Hemi GTX

In 1971 Plymouth presented the new GTX it was a totally new bodystyle with more curve and rounder shapes. The new front really stands out. Engines to choose from was still the 440 4-bbl as standard with optional Hemi or the 440+6.

This is one of only 30 produced with the Hemi, ordered for dragracing it has drumbrakes and no power assist to them. Just a basic car. Still in reasonable good shape but will soon be fully restored.

1970 Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth wanted for the 1970 season a winner for the Nascar racing series. Dodge had been very successfull with the Daytona and Plymouth decided to make something like it. The Superbird was different in many ways based on the Roadrunner with a nose extension, high angled wing and reworked rearwindow. All to get a more aerodynamic car for the high speed oval tracks. The Superbird was built in 1920 units with 440 Super Command 4-barrel as standard engine. You could also get the 440+6 or the 426 Hemi. The Superbird was only built for the 1970 model year.

This car has the base 440 Super Commando engine. It is driven to meets around Sweden. In good survivor condition.

1971 Plymouth Cuda 440+6

Plymouth didn't change much for the 1971 model year, a new grille with dual headlamps and a few other things. The engine line up was the same but slightly de-tuned. The 440+6 had five less horsepower (385) than the year before.

The 440+6 with automatic transmission was only produced in 129 units and this is one of them. Came to Sweden in 1973 and restored to showroom condition.

1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda

For the 1970 season Plymouth wanted to enter the Trans AM racing circuit that had been so succesful for the other manufacturers. Plymouth built its entry on the 'Cuda and used the 340 engine and equiped it with a 6-pack setup. The car got stiffer suspension and a few other things to better its handling.

This car is in exceptional condition after a ten year restoration. Better than new.