Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Some more cars

Here are a few cars that didn't make it in to the book for one reason or anohter. Mostly they are not original cars or just to new in Sweden. The book is about cars that came here in the 70s.

This is a very respectful Dodge Charger with a stout 500 cu in Wedge engine. With a fourspeed and rollcage it's built for stripuse and an occassional run at the redlights.
A very nice 1970 Chevelle with a LS6 454 engine. It is totally restored with a very good paintjob. Looks really good.
A very nice GTO sold new in Sweden, car has a lot of nice options like the Tri-Power setup.
One of many Mopars we have in Sweden, this one with the 340 engine. Good looking car!
A very nicelly restored 1971 Roadrunner. Just didn't have room for it in the book.
Pontiac GTO Convertible in excellent condition didn't fit in the book unfortunatelly. It was imported in recent years.
Dodge Challenger 440 Sixpack, built on a car with an originally smaller engine.
Dodge Challenger convertible with 440 Sixpack.